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January 12, 2008

A dozen days into 08

Photos I intended to post separately

The year is off and running (fast) and I still feel like 2007 did not receive proper reflection. I'm determined to cobble together a gallery of favorite photos from last year, but for now, moving forward takes precedence.

I've been trying to make more photos with people of late. It's still a mixed bag of candid and posed.

Zoom in on any of 'em here:

PhotosRecent photos on Flickr.

And now, I'm off to a holiday dinner for the studio. Better late than not at all.

Current music: José González "Remain"

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January 11, 2008


The dragon above the stage. Aronoff Center. Cincinnati, OH

Saw Wicked (again) last night. This time the seats were immensely better than the first time around. (Those box seat balcony things on the side of the theatre look really awesome, but the views are crap.)

The view on the ground exposed much of the set and lighting I'd not seen before. It was like an entirely different show.

My mom came along and said the show was like being 10 years old and seeing a fairy-tale come to life in a whole new way. I remember those goosebumps. And after playing the heck out of the soundtrack over the past year or so, those goosebumps are still there.

Previously I wrote "I like this show a lot.... for taking an old familiar story and twisting it deliciously into something with greater meaning." I'm not sure if the meaning is greater, but I always appreciate when my notions are expanded by another perspective.

Current music: Original Broadway Cast "For Good"

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January 10, 2008

lapping it up

The ex-stray that might just stick around the farm

Words will be sparse over the next few days.

Email replies, slow.

I'll try and keep up with the photos.

Current music: Uncle Tupelo "I Wanna Be Your Dog"

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January 09, 2008

Final Countdown

Final Countdown from glass on Vimeo

Seeing if this works proper. Testing. 1 2 3.

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January 07, 2008

At the Showcase Cinema

Popcorn camouflage

Been lacking on the movie-going of late. Usually I squeeze in a good handful over the holidays, but either the calendar is fuller or options at the cineplex are less enticing.

Movie 1

I did catch Juno with my ma on the day when everything but the cinema is closed. Liked it so much I watched it again with friends visiting from California. Laughed out loud at the same point in each showing (Sonic Youth was involved.) I do feel a little dirty that a big movie studio tried to make it seem super-indie, but often times, I like to feel manipulated.

Movie 2

Just caught Sweeney Todd this past week.

After seeing Patti Lupone in the recent rework of the musical (picture from the trip to NYC), I was reticent to see this movie. Decided to go because I am enamored with Tim Burton's take on things in general.

Gritty pretty. Kept me rapt. And now I can't stop humming those songs.

Current music: Sun Kil Moon "Space Travel Is Boring"

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January 04, 2008

Apple Timeline

Mental note: Must. Stop. Eating. Crapfood.

I was trying to figure out when Job's keynote goes down when I saw the horrible t-shirts linked up from the Macworld website.

It pains to look at the designs available, much like it is painful to see how much my torso would benefit from a modernized man-girdle.

Anyway, all this is totally unlike my new favorite shirt from Insanely Great Tees called Apple Timeline. I had some variation of this in my head for some time, but this execution and design exceeds my imagination.

In self news: the first week of '08 had lots of darts lined up for the calendar. Didn't actually throw many on specific dates, but lined them up and felt the weight and girth. Oh, and the studio is beginning to sparkle. Next it week it will smell of Pine Sol.

Current music: The Breeders "Little Fury"

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Creation Museum

Eve (L) Adam (R)

I met up with Brian ("BB" over at Coudal and lover of scooters) along with a group of folks to check out the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky.

Tucked away between exits for fireworks and gambling on a rural notch of highway that loops through Cincinnati, Indiana and Kentucky—it costs adults 20 bucks a head to get inside the 60,000 square foot structure.

The museum's angle is all about the origins of life, the book of Genesis, and dinosaurs.

Lots of dinosaurs.

Photos24 photos from the day, some of dinosaurs

Continue reading for my thoughts on the museum.

The story continues "Creation Museum"

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January 01, 2008


midnight toast, camera not lost

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December 31, 2007


near the casinos in Laurenceburg, Indiana, having nothing to do with this entry

I haven't begun the process of picking favorite photos for the year, but I'm glad to say every one of 'em has been backed up (in two different physical locations). I don't know how many images there are, but I do know they take up a 75.4 GB chunk of drive space.

I've no lists of things or experiences I enjoyed most in 2007, but there were many.

I also don't have any resolutions proper, but I was reading a magazine at my mom's house that took a nice approach to the whole affair. Instead of a big thing, break it down into manageable chunks. So in lieu of cutting out carbs, make a resolution to eat more quinoa.

Sounds good to me.

Tonight, I'm heading down to Cincinnati to ring in '08.

I am determined not to lose my camera this time.

Current music: Orba Squara "Perfect Timing (This Morning)"

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December 27, 2007

Never too many thank yous

A snapshot from a gift, a book called The Andy Warhol Show
This piece: "Handle with care—Glass—Thank you" 1962

Christmas Day: I went to visit friends because seeing kids run around a tree is a great way to feel the spirit of the holiday. The little ones were already exhausted from their toys, chasing each other for entertainment. I scarfed a maple scone and watched the blurs.

The whole gang left to see the grandparents a few hours later. "C'mon down." my friends said. They always have room for more. I wasn't going to see my mom until later in the afternoon, so I pushed aside the guilt of not bearing any gifts and drove over.

I was welcomed warmly, pointed to the direction of coffee, and invited to sit for gift exchange.

Scratching my head on the inside how it was possible, a pile of wrapped items appeared for me to open.

I had help from the kids—imparting my gift-guessing skills in the process. I explained the logic of touch, shape, tilt and heft. I used big words, and it though it might've seemed the small ears weren't listening, I knew they were.

The gifts were great—more than great.

But I want to note one in particular. The last in the stocking. Palm sized, it made a rattle when shaken. My unwrapping compadre and I were perplexed with no guesses. Their small fingers wrestled eagerly with the tape and paper.

It was a box of paperclips.

I about lost it, but all that came out was a smile.

Always knitting my brows trying to find the perfect gift, I routinely forget—its not about that at all. It's about a lot of things, I figure, but being together ranks up way up there.

I shall bite my lip if ever I say the magic is gone or the spirit is lost in the season.

I have paperclips to remind me.

Current music: Damien Rice "Delicate"

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December 23, 2007


decorations downtown Cincy

First things first: Thank y'all for the birthday wishes. Makes getting old feel good.

Rewinding: I stood outside the Aronoff Center with The Brown, waiting for Dan to exit the late performance of the Nutcracker.

She tells me that there's nice picture potential across the street. I scoff for a moment, then reluctantly look through the viewfinder on the camera. It turned out nice. Sometimes it's good to quell that inner voice and trust someone else's gut.

Now the holidays are in full swing and I need to make busy with things offline. Find the Scotch tape. Spend time with friends and family.

Things'll be quiet around these parts.

(insert raised cup of spiked nog)

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Eddie aims

Birthday party last evening.

What to buy a 9 year old?

With some asking around, I got one response.


I can dig that. I was totally into knights and armor and whatnot around that age.

By the time all the wrapping paper was whisked away, there was enough nerf ammo to start a small tactical operation.

I'm just happy to have had a big slice of lasagna.

PhotosA handful of photos from the evening

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December 20, 2007



Five years ago yesterday, I started keeping a journal online.

There were no images, just words. That first entry was particularly pondersome. It was a heavy year emotionally, economically.

The following April I would start including a photo for most days—formatted in an arbitrary rectangle so it would fit on the screen with some thoughts.

Thirty-six years ago today I was born.

The cast of characters is largely the same. Some folks have moved on, moved around, got hitched, started families. I closed up shop from the initial dot-boom and free-floated for a while, shacked up with a fella I adore, started a new company with friends that has a nice balance of pixels and elbow grease.

So things are good on this birthday.

Today at the studio, my friends presented me with this Charley Harper print that accompanied his definitive monograph.

It is number 036.


I like that there's that leading zero in the print number. If life continues to be this rich, thanks to those around me far and near, I hope to use that extra character in my own numbering.

A hat tip to everyone reading this and following along. It's time for cake.

Current music: Growing "In the Shadow of the Mountain"

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December 19, 2007


All the packages, out the door

Today, we stayed out of the studio. Even though next week is official time off, it was vital to take this pause. Sometimes calendars need tweaked.

I spent the day between the virtual mailbox and the grocery store.

Cupboard's stocked, and I've gotten through a few handfuls of backlogged messages.

In other news: I'm attempting to shoot in RAW more often. The above photo is an example. No tweaking. There's a certain quality to capturing images this way. I still don't have my head around it, but it's fun to keep it spicy.

Current music: Daft Punk "Too Long / Steam Machine"

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Late for lunch

My schedule has been outta whack for a while, but it got extra worse when Dan was gone for the weekend and I stayed up until 5am noodling on ancillary projects.

This put me in to work closer to lunch than breakfast.

One day this week I walked into the studio and yelled out for Tom. He was sitting directly before me camouflaged among the CDs sitting behind a makeshift spread looking forlorn—as if I had missed a special dinner date.

His passive humor was lost on me at the time. I was still groggy.

In hindsight? Quite funny, and genius in execution.

The whole "meal" here.

Current music: De Novo Dahl "I Woke Up Late"

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December 16, 2007


On its own, the word "chew" looks kinda funny

Three years ago I wasn't entirely displeased by the new Wrigley's wrappers. Looking at their website, it seems the cycles between tinkering has fits and spurts. Nice long spell there starting in the fifties.

There's been some more tweaking as you can see above. Juicy Fruit still flounders, Spearmint loses the minty cool tones, sharpens up—and Big Red is now, um, umber? No it's cinnamon colored. I have no real point of reference for Winterfresh, the mountain got way smaller and the Wrigley's brand is now the same across the line. Maybe that's how they sold this makeover. Must. Be. Consistent.

Maybe it's the hour or the time of year, but I don't have any strong feelings about these changes. Just noting them because it's a step above recording how I stayed off the snowy roads and watched TV yesterday.

Back to the candy aisle, something I do have strong feelings about is the Snickers Nut 'n Butter Crunch. It's like a Reese's Pumpkin made love to a Snickers bar. They should totally move this out of Limited Edition and kill off that Almond variant. Peanut butter taste has legs I say.

Current music: Frank Zappa "I Have Been In You"

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December 14, 2007


Test shot. Checking lighting conditions, Gem City Records

Hit the studio Tuesday morning, then drove back up to Dayton for some photo making.

The photographer hat fit pretty well that day, super proud of the results. But the final images are not for me to share, and somehow this makes it feel more official. (Once they're released though, I'll point out where they can be found.)

The rest of the week has been NUTS. Crazy busy with holiday orders and shipping. We're finally caught up and right now, I could use a beer.

Current music: Dntel "Everything's Tricks"

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December 12, 2007


compensating for poor exposure and blasting out the image (this, of a truck trailer)

Walked into a store this evening to pick up twine and a USB cable. End up staring at bargain bins of holiday DVDs. I don't need these.

A mother yells at kids while carrying conversation on her mobile phone.

Every customer and employee seems unhappy. I can't stop wondering about them.

The holiday music is interrupted by calls for more cashiers to man the checkouts.

I leave with string, a pack of gum, and forget the cable.

Perhaps this mental fog is a side effect of loss. Two folks I'd met only virtually died this past weekend. One after a battle with cancer, another unexpected.

I take pause while reading online. Condolences scroll by, yet linger—burned on to the screen and making everything more important.

It's not enough to be reminded to live better or care more for the ones we love.

There is so much noise.

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December 08, 2007

Kinda gross out

View from the back window

The pretty snow from this week is getting beaten into the ground by rain.

Not much else going on this Saturday. Dan's down for two shows in Cincinnati and I left my wallet at the studio. This prevents me from buying things, which is fine.

On a day like this, it's good to stay inside. It's also days like this I wish I could suppress from the RSS feed.

Current music: Sonic Youth "Im Not There"

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December 07, 2007


Inside the new restaurant down by the Aronoff Center

Caught The Drowsy Chaperone on Tuesday night. Dan's playing trumpet down in the pit.

Slipped over to the new restaurant by Chef David Falk (of BOCA) next to the theater—a joint called NADA serving Mexican fare. The interior is swank, but there's a casual vibe to the place. Though reservations are possible, it's more about walking in and sharing some food. I'd suggest anything with their guacamole, the sliders, and any of the mixed drinks on the cocktail menu.

As for the show, after the first song I shared a sidelong glance with my friend The Brown. She and I were skeptical. But the show eventually won us over with its sense of humor and quick clip.

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December 06, 2007


Fen • der • berg (fĕn'dər'bûrg') n.

Large chunks of ice and/or slush that get stuck behind a vehicle's tire. (via)

We've got some fenderburgs around here today. Also have a pile of work. Must scoot.

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December 05, 2007

Chocolate covered potato chips

I see the white light outside, this must be heaven

If I was Oprah and had a show about my favorite things (mental note: make show about my favorite things), I would include these chocolate covered potato chips. They're totally local with the sweet side by Esther Price and the salty bit by Mike Sells. A box of 'em will cost about 10 bucks. I grimaced at the price during checkout, but the wallet-sadness was erased when I tried one.

It could be a phase, I know.

Growing up I refused to believe there were any other salad dressing aside from Thousand Island. On the candy front I was a stalwart Snickers fan for the longest time, and before that it was likely Marathon.

But right here, right now? It's these chips. I'm limiting intake to one a day, at most.

Current music: Bishop Allen "Click, Click, Click, Click"

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On the press

Tom works his guns

If you placed an order for the Limited Edition WOXY shirt, they're on the press this week. There have been some questions as I didn't change the automated response that said they'd ship in 7 days when orders were placed. They ship next week in time for the holidays.

Tom and I knocked out all the olive in our most productive day ever at the studio. Next on tap are the navy and cranberry. Once these are out the door, I am confident my biceps will be much larger.

In other music news, it's official — The Breeders have a new album dropping in '08, oh, and it's snowing! here in Dayton.

Current music: Ladies Who Lunch "Gigantic"

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December 04, 2007

bad circulation

Holiday decor

Can't decide if it's the weather or my age, but the length of time it takes for my legs fall asleep while sitting on the toilet gets shorter and shorter each day.

Oh and that cold from two weeks back? It lingers with a cough that's particularly excitable whenever I try to lay horizontally, which is inopportune.

In other news, got my car outta the garage yesterday and that means reuniting with my camera. Two and a half days without seemed like an eternity.

I rode in the passenger seat as we went to the t-shirt distributor to pick up shirts, and I snapped images left and right. None turned out nice, or pretty, but they are here:

PhotosRandom photos from the gray day. Most centered. Quite possibly painful with detail and light.

Current music: No music, but a train is in the background.

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December 02, 2007

tree done put up

in the living room

We put up a tree last weekend. Sounds a lot like having a guest over, and it is in a way. A guest that has a nice woodsy fragrance and only requires water every other day.

I was going to post an animated image of the process, but it was a bit large. So here it is on a separate page. (slow animated gif)

Went back to the Kiwanis Club of Centerville's tree lot again this year. They seem like good folk, and I like stopping by their miniature trailer to finish the transaction. Always cozy in there. (I took a photo)

In other news, my car is trapped because the garage door opener is acting up. I don't mind being stranded, but I've a long list of things I want to retrieve from the vehicle, including my camera.

Current music: Apes & Androids "Golden Prize"

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November 30, 2007


Tied and ready to go out the door

I don't cuss much.

I'm not opposed to it, mind you—but I'm around kids sometimes and it's just easier to change behaviors.

'Sides... I'm fond of fiddlesticks and dagnabbit.

But sometimes, an expletive is in order. So when Khoi of Subtraction needed to reprint his classic Hel-fuckin-vetica t-shirt, there was no hesitation to help out. Hell yeah we would!

Khoi also threw us artwork over the net to print up some Fear of a Cooper Black Planet shirts. Kick ass.

They're going out the door as fast as we can print em. In fact, I need to get back downstairs and stuff these into envelopes.

Real quick though: In other shirt related news, the WOXY pre-order ends TOMORROW. If you wanted to guarantee one of those for your torso, place your order pronto.

Current music: Jay-Z "Can I Get a..."

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November 29, 2007

flippin switches


Over the past month or so, I've been updating tiny bits on my personal website.

The most significant is a selection of links from the ever growing list of sites I visit:
These are the places I go to feel inspired or entertained, to learn or to laugh.

Also been trying to update the image on the homepage with more frequency. There's a text link to the right and under the main image that cycles through previous images.

Adding links to albums from 2007 on the main photo page.

Updated not so frequently asked questions with links to the camera and software I use.

Current music: Dan's playing piano

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Nothing is fixed or permanent

(insert Sanford & Son theme) Stoplight on the main drag in Hamilton, OH

Well I didn't quite hit every day of the month with a journal entry—I mean, blog entry.

But after Project Menswear last night, I went to the bed exhausted from their challenge. I didn't actually sleep right away as I was rolling over a to-do list in my head. It's that time of year when everything ratchets up a notch and gift-guilt rears its head.

On gifts for others, I much prefer wisdom inspired by Leslie Harpold. In this instance, "When you come across something you know would be perfect for someone else, buy it for them." I do that for the most part. The true joy is finding the right box and squaring off the wrapping paper just right before securing it with tape.

I'm a harder nut to crack with the gifts I've been told. I tend to pick up the frivolous things for myself without delay when economically feasible. Can't imagine waiting for, say, Super Mario Galaxy another day more than necessary.

For the longest time I thought I was a horrible candidate for Buddhism due to my craving and collection of physical things. According to my studies through google searches, as long as these things don't make me suffer, I'm okay. I think.

When I really knit my brow trying to figure out what I want, it always comes back to time. This does not mean a clock, I have several, and one of them is fancy and projects time on the ceiling in such an annoying way that I moved it to the guest bedroom.

Current music: Jim Croce "You Don't Message Around with Jim"

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November 28, 2007

It's a good thing I don't have a dog...

...or a kid

Because if I did, I would take pictures of them constantly and subject you to them.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Current music: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss "Killing The Blues"

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November 26, 2007


I'm trusting my gut to turn the car around and take photos more often. Now to get the gumption and use that same instinct on humans.

Today there was either drizzle or steady rain.

There was also an outage at Yahoo stores which means broken shopping experiences. So if you tried to get something at Wire & Twine and failed, it should be working now.

(insert frustration)

Current music: Les Savy Fav "Scotchgard The Credit Card"

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November 25, 2007

Light the Square

Tyler Davidson Fountain (wiki)

Friday night we bundled up and headed to Fountain Square to see 'em flip the switch on the Christmas Tree lights.

This was my first visit since the square was redesigned, and it might not have been the best way to experience the public space. It was packed and dark. And cold. And Santa was late. And someone was really butchering Christmas carols. And there weren't any chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or hot cocoa.

But it was nice to see the whole square filled with people. I bet if Macy's would have stayed open late that Black Friday, many would have done some shopping to warm up.

All my complaints and it was still a good evening. The skating rink opened up and I didn't lose my gloves.

PhotosFourteen snapshots of the chilly evening

Current music: Judy Garland "The Trolley Song"

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November 24, 2007

The Thanksgiving that was

Before it gets too blurry...

I've many things to be thankful for this year. I'm determined to write each thing down, on paper, put a stamp to them, and send 'em out to those responsible.

If I can post every day in November, I can take a few off in December and do that very thing.

But I'm focused on one thing right this second, as I sift through photos from this past holiday. Some shout outs of immediate appreciation to my mom for the slice of time before dinner (and the buttermilk pie), and Kevin and Jodi—preparers of a most memorably delicious Thanksgiving meal.

We just polished off the last of the leftovers, and it is decided, we're going to need some recipes. But I'm sure we would have a hard time recreating them.

PhotosSome photos from my mom's house, then food, glorious food

Current music: Efterklang "Illuminant"

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November 23, 2007

still digesting

a wonderful evening and meal

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November 22, 2007

Brought to you by the GMC Denali


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Burlington Coat Factory

Not affiliated with Burlington Industries

I'm thankful this is not my new logo.

But in all seriousness, it's been jam-packed whacky-busy leading up to this holiday break.

Man am I looking forward to being let down by the big parade and then making it up by stuffing myself silly tomorrow.

Be well, all.

Current music: The Soft Pink Truth "I Want To Thank You"

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