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November 21, 2007

crawling really fast

Too fast to focus

The holidays have unofficially started.

A good dozen friends from high school, their significant others, and kids came together for a pre-thanksgiving dinner tonight. It was a bit of surprise to see folks from Los Angeles, South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida in attendance—though not everyone strayed far from our alma mater.

New Richmond if you're curious. A small town that only had two stoplights, a Big Boy and a pizza joint when I was growing up. We also had a kick-ass public school system that taught me a thing or two, and forged friendships that stick some thirty years later. (I'll do the math, that means I've known some of these folk since I was five.)

I figure our parents might have thought we were an unusually tight bunch. Though we're not all pen-pally, there are never too many twists in the grapevine to keep apprised of who is where and up to what (without the bother of Facebook or MySpace.) It's baffling really, but I'm not one to second-guess this stuff.

Time flies and it's good to have anchors planted along the path.

PhotosYes, I was annoying with the camera. Didn't capture everyone, but here's 40 snapshots from the evening

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November 19, 2007

turtle princess

Speaking of Super Mario worlds, she would fit in nicely [ + zoom, uncrop ]

I was working on a really dry entry about styrofoam containers when Wendy shot over this photo. Her camera was sitting on the counter and I borrowed it in attempt to capture the flurry of activity in the kitchen.

Taking photos of kids is often futile when they have this much energy, but this one worked.

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November 18, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy

Setting the remote down for a moment [ + bigger, uncropped ]

Today was a day off.

It was cold and overcast and I sat on the couch in a union suit, playing Super Mario Galaxy for a few hours. If you've read anything about it, you likely heard its awesome.

It totally is (if you like those platformer / mario games).

The music, control, bite-sized levels, gravity, animation. Just spot on good.

Then the sun came out and I had to break away from the game. Bright light on the tv screen and all.

But it was good to pull myself out of that galaxy.

I'm rationing it, avoiding the end.

Not that I ever actually finish videogames, but it's happy fun along the way.

I'll be extra happy when Nintendo has some set-up in place to send new levels through the net. That's the kinda action I want in my inbox.

Bonus link: XOC SMW
The complete soundtrack to Super Mario World, covered by one man using dozens of instruments. Roughly in game order, faithful to the originals, with some bizarre artistic license thrown around. A private hobby made public. Dedicated to Koji Kondo.

Current music: XOC "Valley of Bowser"

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The Ascent

Covington, KY

Though I can't find verification, I always chuckle at what many think is a quote from Mark Twain:

When the world ends, I would like to be in Cincinnati, because it's always 20 years behind the times.
Sometimes I've heard it as 10 years behind, but It's funny either way.

I spent all day down there in my hometown. Lots of good work and enough time to squeeze in a haircut with my barber and snap this photo.

That twisty structure is the new Ascent condos being added to the Kentucky skyline. We consider this Greater Cincinnati because they get things done faster on that side of the river.

If it looks vaguely familiar, it might be because architect Daniel Libeskind is also working on the World Trade Center site in New York City.

Another connection of note (pardon the pun) is the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge (picture, history) that links Ohio to this part of Covington. Finished in 1866, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world at the time. Roebling used his knowledge here and went on to build the Brooklyn Bridge a few years later.

So maybe Twain was wrong. If you want to see what's going to pop up in New York City, look to Cincinnati.

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November 17, 2007


(and me... there... in the window!)

Busy gal, this Kelley Deal.

She's got a book droppin' in 08, and maybe a new album too—but don't ask me for details, I know nothing.

What she doesn't have is very many photos of herself making music, so we spent a few hours snapping some shots this evening.

I need to study that Strobist 'blog more and learn about using flash off camera. Overall though, I think we got some goof stuff tonight, and either way, it was fun tryin.


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November 15, 2007

Again with the colors

Is this the golden section of the year?

Today was meaty.

So was yesterday, but that seems so long ago.

Tucked in my shirt and drove to Cincinnati this morning. Great colors along the way... Just being those dozens of minutes south makes a difference. Pulled over more than once, some glimpses below.

Ate a good lunch and headed back to the studio, considering grays: fabrics, inks.

Stopped by the grocery and the produce department was saturated.

Threw a thick red steak on the Foreman. It came out perfect.

Now the soup's on the stove. Forecast suggests it'll pair nicely with tomorrow.

Good idea for a weather site might not be just what to wear, but what to eat. Be cool if it's like, totally, local.

PhotosSlideshow with a few snapshots of autumn, some old, many new

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November 14, 2007


An unused photo from last week

Forgot the laptop and USB cables at the studio.

So here I am on a borrowed machine, resorting to this red berry, a bit exhausted, but glad I got off the sick couch and did things besides click and sniffle.

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November 13, 2007

Tissues und Brillen-Putztücher

Above the Ghetto in the bathroom

Back in 2003, I went to Europe with a fine group of fellas. It was about this time of year in fact. While there I ate excellent food, saw lots of art, rode a bike around, wrote the neatest things on scraps of paper that made no sense the next day (in Amsterdam), beer, camaraderie, all the good stuff.

I have few mementos 'sides the photos, but I did hoard a couple things. The first being the Tempo tissues pictured above. I've a dozen pocket packs to ration these past four years. I also bought a whole bunch of Brillen-Putztücher for cheap. Love ultra-clean lenses.

My stockpile is running out of both. It's time to think about Europe again, or go the boring route and get them online.

Two reasons I broke out the tissues: First the cold, it's getting better. Then we watched that Evening flick with Claire Danes and Toni Collette and Vanessa Redgrave and and and... It was better than The Notebook and I recommend it to moms and folks that appreciate a lady-flick.

Yeah, I got misty-eyed. But I'm proud of that fact.

Clears up the sinus passage, and I've been told tears make you live longer—just like laughter.

In other similar flick related notions: They're really going to have to clean up the language in Georgia Rule before it gets on Lifetime—though the commercials might liven it up.

Current music: Herbert Grönemeyer "Halt mich"

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November 12, 2007

the hunt

Oh to find one of these...

Most Sundays, Dan and I have been driving around the outskirts of Dayton, looking for neighborhoods and houses.

It's not because some say it's a buyer's market, it's because renting gets old, and frankly, it's expensive. In fact, if we hit our target, a mortgage would be less than rent. We could inherit walls to paint and the responsibility of hot water heater maintenance.

Here's the rub: We're trying to find some rough midpoint between his university job and my days down in the studio. Plotting this puts us in the middle of new construction or farmhouses. Apparently, ranches are over and everything built now has to be BIG, and RIGHT NEXT to each other.

It's terribly frustrating. Driving around we spy places like the one pictured above, but they're not for sale.

Oh well, we have patience on our side.

In other news, the headcold worsens, heading south to the chest. Woe.

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November 11, 2007


taking the plunge

Just last week, as Dan was under the weather and clutching the box of tissues, I was making mental note: Funny, I haven't really been sick all year.

I can now check that off the list.

The coffee in the mug has been replaced by tea.

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November 10, 2007


I wanna play

I stopped to check on some stuff with Wendy yesterday, and she was deftly juggling her youngest (who is now officially crawling) and oldest (who is a bundle of energy) while the middle one was out for a nap.

It was that antsy part of the afternoon when an activity is good to focus young energy. Wendy broke out a classic Colorforms set and immediately I flashed back to the Smurfs set I had growing up.

This set was basic primary colors and shapes. Anything was possible and man I just wanted to chuck my work duties and just sit there and join in the fun. But I needed to run to the post office and bank, and (insert gigantic to-do list).

A virtual check in later revealed the fruits of their labor—butterfly and mountain range (continue to view).

The story continues "Colorforms"

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November 09, 2007 limited edition tees

our test print

I warned there was going to be some hand-drawn lettering emerging from our studio, and it's finally here. (We're also sticking with generous whitespace no matter how trendy it gets).

Maybe you remember my first shirt for WOXY back in 2004. A lot has changed since then: I stopped doing stuff freelance and joined up with my friends to start Wire & Twine. The radio station closed, got revived by LaLa, and is now even available again on the airwaves in Cincinnati (HD Radio this time around).

Again, we looked to the doodles on Trapper Keepers for inspiration. And instead of just picking out favorite artists, Bryan over at the station sifted through all the tracks played this year and came back with the top 100.

The 2007 Limited Edition Tee
[available in 3 tasty colors for pre-order]

Current music:

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November 08, 2007

strawberries and strikes

I did not take this picture

I got this note in the email box yesterday, and I have to say it brightened the morning:

(reprinted with permission, links added by me)

I first took notice of your work when I bought your Tim Gunn shirt off Ebay. I think you had a link, which I then followed and came upon your photos. The pink toy Martian in a garden sticks in my mind. I love the way you frame your pictures and how they are of mostly inanimate objects. I have since bought your hairdo shirts as well. The other day, I was walking down the street, when I saw two perfect strawberries that had been abandoned on a cement parking stopper. I took a picture. (above) I'm a member of the WGA and since we're on strike and I can't do any real writing, I thought I'd write to you and say, hey. Well done. Keep up the good work.

It's nice because I seldom take a step back and consider what I'm doing here, who's reading it, and what they see. I never realized that, indeed I do, focus on inanimate objects. That's worth a post on its own, but tis late.

But the thing that sticks is that someone's fighting to get paid for their work, and took the time to say 'hey.'

Maybe you're aware of the writers' strike. Maybe you haven't seen this video by some of the writers behind The Office. It's worth the 3 minutes and 15 seconds. But all this interconnectedness, this ability for us to read, hear, and share perspectives; it's going to change things. I hope it changes them for the good, posthaste.

And to my unknown writer out in what I figure is LA or NY, thank you for entertaining me.


Her response when I asked to share her photo and note: "Sure, no problem. Glad you liked the picture, when I showed it to others they were like, 'Huh?'"

(insert grin, a hopeful one)

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November 07, 2007

fancy country

It's better than MTV 'cause folks really sing

Tonight I wasn't in to watching kids doing shots of root beer in uncomfortable imitation of their parents on that reality show. So, I decided to turn on the Country Music Awards.

If anything, I can catch up on the world of popular country music. I'm very out of touch with it.

Often I think the latest generation of this genre is too polished—in production and appearance—but then I remember watching the Grand Ole Opry on the tube when I was much shorter.

I always asked why Minnie Pearl didn't cut the tag off her hats.

And what on earth was that Porter Wagoner character wearing? Turns out those rhinestone-covered suits were quite popular at the time. A product of a tailor named Nudie Cohn. They were called Nudie Suits and worn by folks like Elvis, Hank Williams, Roy Rogers and Gram Parsons.

Porter passed on a couple weeks ago by the way. I'm taking off my cap and pressin mute for a moment.


So I suppose new country isn't too much different than old country. There's still big hair and fancy clothes. A little twang and cheatin hearts.

And I've gotta run, some fellas named Big & Rich just got on stage and one of 'ems dressed like Mystery, they have go-go dancers and zany graphics whirling all over on the back wall.

Current music: Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner "Just Someone I Used to Know"

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It was either a quick snapshot of the stove burner or some gas station I passed tonight

Couple o links inspire this post, somewhat disjointed:

Enough with the lists - looking at the list-ification of info, and how it becomes numbing. I agree wholeheartedly and yet bookmark with abandon.

What's over? iMomus looks at what's retro. His list is refreshingly pointed, including rock music, cars, and democracy to name a few. He spreads each item out with enough argument to move beyond bullet points.

Developing websites and designs, I'm always running over a list in my mind. It's loose and changes on whim, but the premise is to discount elements that are played out:

- Skulls
- Owls, unicorns, birds, bears
- Vector swirly clip art
- Hand-drawn lettering
- Type with counters filled
- The 80s
- Distressed treatments
- Shiny reflections
- Minimalism
- Whitespace

Personally, I'm not a fan of merchandise in which the design is solely comprised of a logo or brand. I've seen entire stores built upon this principle, and to that I say, give me something more.

Note, I'm going to be abusing a few of the items on this list in the near future.

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November 05, 2007


Today's fun google image search? Holiday sweaters

Got up on schedule, with daylight savings shift this now means "on time."

Drove home in darkness, stopping by the grocery store for a diminutive whole cooked chicken.

Avoided the ground beef, but took a picture.

Halloween 75% off.

Seasonal aisle updated.

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November 04, 2007


the tables, set

Dan had a night off, my friends had a babysitter, and we somehow managed to snag reservations last minute at Boca in Cincinnati.

It was my first time, and the waiter told the uninitiated that we were in for a wonderful experience.

He was right.

You know those meals where you can close your eyes and replay the tastes? And I know it hasn't even been 24 hours since we were seated, but this joint is firmly lodged in that part of my brain.

Some of my oldest memories are of food. The smell of chocolate when my grandmother opened the candy drawer, the first taste of ginger dressing back when my family took that trip to Hawaii in the 70's, the combination of peanut butter and banana (on a sandwich!) at Farrells ice cream parlour, the list goes on.

If you're curious, on weekends they serve a 2 or 3 course menu. I had (their words) 1. a BOCA caesar salad - wood fired romaine heart marinated with a garlic-anchovy emulsion, 2. diver-caught Sea Scallop with three-hour caramelized brussels sprouts, brown butter truffle vinaigrette & parmigiano reggiano, and 3., a filet topped with lobster and some type of sinful sauce. I'm trying to track down information on the latter.

It's not inexpensive, but cheaper than a flight to Chicago or New York. A big shout out to my friends for sharing this delicious treasure.

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November 03, 2007

already with the filler

For the record, I prefer light, but span the gamut depending on mood.

Nixed the movie last night and ended up having a sit-down dinner instead.

Hit the pillow before midnight.

Got up early and had some java in this new favorite coffee mug. (Not in stock this moment)

Making graphical icon thingies, then heading down to Cincy for vittles.

This is the filler that posting once a day gets me.

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November 02, 2007


Tom sets up the shelves

Flurry of activity at the studio. That calendar is already paying off. While I was upstairs pushing pixels, Tom and Garrett were downstairs making magic happen.

Soon filling orders will be as easy as pulling out a bin and selecting the right size. (another photo from above)

Those two have also been making good with the markers for the next t-shirt—a special edition garment for our friends at WOXY. (draft)

In non-work news, I'm tempted to rent a hotel just to have a big tub and load it up with Calgon. Got home in time to maybe go out and catch a flick, but there's not a dang thing I really want to see out in the theaters.

UPDATE: We're going to see that Across the Universe.

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November 01, 2007

30 days

Not a far walk from the front door

For some reason this is the month to do something for 30 days.

National Novel Writing Month - write a 50,000 word novel in a single month

National Blog Posting Month - post thirty days in a row.

Draw Month or Draw More (not regulated to November) - draw once a day for a month.

It's also the start of Whiskerino - but that goes on until February 2008. Whoa, look at all the entrants.

Me, I'm going to try and post every day (which I try to do anyway). But now I have an excuse that quality will continue to be a far stretch from properly edited or even cohesive. I make no guarantees.

What I'd also like to really do, is not on this list: I'd like to walk, every other day for 15 minutes. Outside, in a mall, on a treadmill - it doesn't matter. But its a habit I need, and want to tackle.

I'll bring my camera along, it'll give me something to post.

Current music: The National "Mr. November"

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Good grief

Hamilton, OH [ + zoom ]

No trick-or-treaters in the apt. complex, but I did manage to snag the image above with the pocket camera while sitting in backed-up traffic.

Originally tried to use the big camera, but the battery was dead. Let me tell you about the 20D—I seldom use the flash, and charge the battery about every 3 weeks. I wish all electronic devices were so laid back about sipping electricity.

In other news:

Watched The Great Pumpkin last night. Hearing Lucy say "good grief" never gets old.

Today we put a calendar on the wall at work, that nice gal behind the bar at J. Alexanders knows I will order veggie burgers, I have a hole in my sock, and need to burn some midnight oil.

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October 30, 2007


The studio at the farm

Folks have been intrigued by the little snippets of the studio that crop up on these pages now and then—usually there's an expanse of plywood or shelves heavy with tools or inspiration, there are drawers, ink, and sometimes I'll crop up.

One of my November goals is to get with the other folks and give a proper tour of the space.

Until then, this here's the outside. And another view if'n you're interested.

Current music: Guided By Voices "Tour Guide At The Winston Churchill Memorial"

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October 29, 2007

mental wrestling with ratios

autumn leaves are dropping fast in these parts, and this photo is barely related to my ramblings below

Been thinking about the golden ratio lately.

The recent post about Radiohead's latest album by Puddlegum might have started my mental wandering.

The piece is very well bunk, but a fun read in conspiracy theory mindset. This bit from the comments in particular pulled out a detail I hadn't noticed:

The album title can be heard in the backing vocals of Reckoner. But, did anyone notice the IN RAAAAAAAIN IN RAAAAAAAIN IN RAAAAAAAINNNNN IN RAAAAAAAIN IN RAAAAAAAINBOWS starts precisely at the albums golden section?
(sidenote: I'm super enjoying the whole In Rainbows album)

A few days later I'm reading this article about the Vignellis (hat tip to Swissmiss for that one)

Once I stopped drooling over the photo of this extraordinary design duo's apartment, I noted the sidebar lists their "peak" from 1965 to 1985.

This bothered me because I'd like to think the husband and wife team are still crafting stellar work. But maybe there's something to it. Maybe we find a sweet spot in life where all cylinders are firing in properly and the result is the height of our craft.

I figure it possible to be elastic as well, growing or shrinking according to lifespan.

Or, it's malarkey and I need to let it go.

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October 28, 2007


Pumpkin Spice with lemon orange icing

I used to identify Yellow Springs Ohio with hippies.

I'm officially changing my tune after our latest meal on Friday night.

Every time I go there I leave happily stuffed. There's still a hint of earthiness as most of the ingredients on our plates were grown locally. In this case, roasted turnips on the salad came from a farm on the edge of town. And the back yard provided tomatoes to compliment the basil pesto manicotti.

You'd think this was a fine restaurant, but it was the home of a couple Dan knows through music circles. Good people.

I say that before mentioning dessert (pictured above). This addition to the menu makes them extra Good people.

I'm embarrassed to have them down for dinner because a fancy meal at our home means using the stove instead of the microwave for the frozen french bread pizzas. Makes the crust crispy you know.

If you're anything like me, you might be curious how the Bundt pan came to be. Wikipedia has an answer.

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Bears on the Run

Zen & Now Coffeehouse - Cincinnati, OH

Last night was Halloween I'm told. Er maybe it was Trick-or-Treating night? Does any other holiday have this flexibility on dates? So. Confused.

Drove down to Cincinnati to hear the comic and musical stylings of a traveling group of bears. If you're like me, you do these things for the social factor alone. You might bend elbows, meet handsome and friendly folks, or just get out of the house on a Saturday night.

I got all that, and 3 hours of downright excellent entertainment. Folk, blues, comedy, a little bit of rock and roll, and some other goods that don't fit neatly into categories. I can't do them justice with words, but there are pictures linked up below.

They're halfway through their brief inaugural tour, and if they come anywhere near ya – be you bear or bear friendly – carve out the evening and go see 'em.


OCT 28 : Tradewinds II - Columbus, OH
OCT 30 : The Grid - Cleveland, OH
NOV 01 : Spin - Chicago, IL
NOV 02 : JJ's Clubhouse - St. Louis, MO
NOV 03 : Tulsa Eagle - Tulsa, OK
NOV 04 : Club Glacier - Wichita, KS

Photos Take a peek : some snapshots from the evening

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October 26, 2007

Behind the scenes

A week later

Folks have asked how things went down last Friday, so I've put together a really long, long-winded page about what was going through my head for each volley.

PhotosBehind the Scenes: My Experience with Layer Tennis.

Me? I'll be happy to be an observer watching today's special Halloween Edition match between Brian "Candykiller" Taylor and Jason Santa Maria — two folks whose work is as much an art as it is design in my mind.

The gore starts at 2pm CST, and today's match is rated M for mature.

Current music: Pavement "Fight This Generation"

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October 25, 2007


Sunset - Hamilton, OH [ +zoom ]

Sunset driving home yesterday? Powerful good. Pulled the car into the turn lane and set the camera on the dash for this shot. Only took a second.

The hint of storm stuck around in the sky today, and I went to a new dentist.

Though I loved my old one in Cincinnati, it's time to admit I live farther away.

All this pain I'd been experiencing the last 3+ weeks turned out to be a missing filling. No wonder breathing hurt. Turns out that exposing a bit of nerve to the air caused a little wince.

They had me in and out in no time and the only thing that held any discomfort? Not finding a checkbox for "partner" on the forms.

Breathing however, is easier.

Current music: Crowded House "It's Only Natural"

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Monroe, OH

This motel was often called the Fantasy Farm Motel (be sure to check out the interior photo)

It sits near Fantasy Farm and LeSourdsville Lake Park (which used to be Americana Amusement Park). Confusing? Yes. Some answers about the long history of the parks, more here.

Me? I just thought the motel was choice looking as I took the backroads to work.

See the whole photo uncropped.

Current music: Robert Pollard "Red Ink Superman"

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October 24, 2007

Under new management

and running out of readerboard 3's

When I passed by the Holiday Auto Theatre back in January, it was up for sale. It has since sold and they're starting to shake things up—using off days to put classics on the drive-in screen (last week they had Re-Animator!) I think this bodes well.

I was going to pull in for a sharp shot, but a police car was on my tail and made me nervous.

In other news, I haven't seen a movie in a while.

Current music: Hooters "All You Zombies"

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October 23, 2007


Old factory adjacent to Target and Crossroads in Oakley, no idea what they make (or made) here

Crunch week.

Outside communication (replies, emails, phonecalls) will be on time delay.

Post text, sparse.

Current music: Band Of Horses "Is There A Ghost"

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October 22, 2007

Farm Day 5

yum, digits

Another fall-tastic Farm Day.

The weather smiled for the 5th annual shindig out on the farm. In addition to the food, drink, and inflatable bounce house for the young ones, a windy path through the fields gave an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine.

A history of creating shirts for the event took a twist this year: Instead of stocking up beforehand, folks got to print their own out in the studio. We had quite a line while kids young and old picked out their own tee and stepped up to the press. So much fun, it will become the new tradition. I should mention, toddlers lucked out and their parents got to do all the work.

I had to scoot before dinner was set out, but managed to squeeze in lots of fun (and more than a handful of tasty appetizers.)

Current music: Gary Jules "How Can I Tell You" (can't find the version from that Diamonds is Forever commercial)

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Dan’s faculty recital

Performing Vignettes for Trumpet and Percussion by James M. Stevenson III

Drove up from Farm Day, threw on some pants and got to Dan's recital just in time.

The months of preparation paid off and we were treated to a great performance, and no, I'm not biased.

I have to say, I welled up a little seeing the last piece played out with Dan and his bestest friend “Brown”
on percussion. They've known each other since doing a tour in Italy and haven't stopped gabbing since. In fact, I think she's his #1 on speed dial. I'd be jealous if she wasn't so groovy.

When they came out for their bow (photo), I was flush with joy.

A reception followed where we packed 40 colleagues, family and friends into our apartment. So packed it was hard to get from one side of the room to another. Mental note: next party, organize a drink station and put a ladle in the mulled cider.

Big shout out thanks to my mom for coming, helping me get the food out, and for this recipe:

PUMPKIN DIP (so easy, I couldn't mess it up)

Current music: Vignettes for Trumpet and Percussion (#3) Eric Berlin And Eduardo Leandro

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October 18, 2007

This afternoon? It went down.

They call me Bunyan [ + zoom ]

Ever heard of Photoshop Tennis? It's this thing where designers hit a file back and forth, adding, subtracting, and mixing it up. There's commentary along the way and at the end, a winner is declared.

It's called Layer Tennis now, because it's not limited to Photoshop. I figure that'll make more sense as the tournaments go on and we see different types of matches being played out.

Like tomorrow, it might be a little more twisted than usual—I'm pitted against Naz (see his post about the match) and we're going to be using photos instead of graphics to throw down on the virtual court.

Read a preview of the match written by Rosecrans Baldwin (he lies) and watch the mayhem.

We got 15 minutes between volleys and man did Spike throw me some curve balls. I threw back. Oh, and you gotta check out the coin toss.

Current music: Animal Collective "Fireworks"

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October 17, 2007

#5 Hickory Dickory Dock

Record head [ zoom ]

Tom and Wendy are getting ready for their big yearly bash (the fabulous Farm Day) and they're finally hanging things on their walls at the house.

One big blank wall warranted something special so Tom photographed three "albums" from a classic Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player. (If you don't remember, here are some examples)

And though I was a doubting Thomas, they turned out awesome—certainly a bright spot as the day was gloomy with fog outside the studio.

Current music: Frank Zappa "Son Of Orange County"

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October 16, 2007


my normal pose while at the computer

So I'm looking at a video I uploaded to try out Vimeo's new HD capabilities, and I can't stop looking at how crooked my beard is.

See for yourself. (mind you, the video is senseless, but kudos to the Vimeo team on the quality)

Then I just realized, it's my own dang fault.

I need to become mouse ambidextrous and alternate which hand I rest my chin in.

When I've tackled that, I'll learn how to end sentences without prepositions.

Current music: St. Vincent "Now Now"

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