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October 16, 2007

I always thought this was poison

Kona patio, Oxford

Good thing we took lunch outside yesterday. I'm guessing the mid-70's sunshine filled days will become a little rarer in these parts as winter drops in.

I'm not complaining, I like to layer.

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October 13, 2007

cross processing

in van, not down by the rive

This week was jam packed. Moving closer to launch on a big project, juggling other bits, and sleeping like a log when the midnight oil runs out.

All this activity is giving me excuse to avoid making a dentist appointment. It's becoming dire. At least I got the bushy beard whacked and hairs trimmed earlier in the week.

Today, I did pretty much nothing but shop for toilet paper and then move a stylus around while sitting on the sunny porch. I napped too. It was awesome.

So now I'm sitting on the couch waiting for Dan to get finished with recital practice and a wedding gig. Poked around some features of Photoshop I've never used. One of which is the curves feature that mimics cross processing.

One thing led to another and I decided to clear off some photos hoggin’ up my drive. Photos I deemed positively so-so.

PhotosHere they are (only a couple got the fancy filtered treatment)

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Drew-o-Rama and Daisy Fuentes sunglasses

Cheap shades

One of the wonky things about this aspect ratio I've locked myself into is that it's hard to get a close-up portrait squeezed in the frame without lopping off major faceparts.

Such is the case when I had dinner with Drew this week down at my favorite pizza joint. Great guy I've known for years, also the man behind the Design Cincinnati blog that features design and architectural tidbits from our region.

I did manage to grab a snapshot in the low light of the coffeeshop afterward, where conversation somehow revealed it was his birthday.

Dagnabbit Drew, had I know that we wouldn't have gone dutch.

An inspired chat about life and design flowed with the coffee and tea, where I also found out he's got a penchant for cheap sunglasses. Now I know what to get him next year.

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October 11, 2007

My sister gets her wings

That's her, glowing in the middle

Over the past month or so, I've talked to my sister on the phone more than I have in ages. She's been cramming on her studies to do something she's only dreamed about: becoming a flight attendant.

On each call she was more and more excited, passing each test and getting closer to the goal. All her hard work paid off, and today it became official—she got pinned with her wings.

My mom and I came out to clap and beam.

We weren't just schmoozing to get on the short list for flight discounts.

PhotosA handful of photos, mostly of my sister (and a few of ma to boot)

Bonus link, because it's semi-related and National Coming Out Day: A favorite Travelocity Attendant advert (hot towel? hot towel?)

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October 10, 2007

Ham & Turkey Dinner

Roadside handlettering on the way to work

I've mentioned my typography teacher back at Ohio State once or twice.

She used to get migraines whenever she walked down the street and encountered bad letter-spacing.

I think the sign above might very well give her a full blown aneurysm.

Me? I like it when all the rules are broken. I particularly like the margins employed. [ VIEW WHOLE SIGN ]

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October 09, 2007

43 Folders

and a bunch of index cards

The first words Merlin Mann said to me were, “I don't want to keep sucking your cock,” and for a brief second I thought there was no reason to continue our breakfast meeting...

“But I love everything you do.” he continued, after pregnant pause.

This man has genius comic timing.

Backstory: Merlin and I met years ago when we were teenage girls on LiveJournal. He caught glimpses of his hometown through my photos and I lapped up every stream of content he poured online. He's since opened the floodgates and it's hard to keep up with the fella.

We finally met-for-reals-yo at a greasy spoon when I was in San Francisco a while back. I would link to a vacation gallery but sorting through 10 days of photos is a lot more involved than sorting through 36 hours of photos.

Spent the meal chatting it up about lenses and gadgets, notecards and notebooks, binderclips and people, our personal process and the general whoa over this technology that is hookin us up.

Once the bill was paid, Merlin had some time to kill between meetings so we walked around The City (which I should mention, I like to pronounce with Thurston Howell III clenched teeth - MP3).

We talked a bit about 43 Folders. For those that don't know, Time Magazine has called this one of the top 10 websites in the universe, or something to that effect. In their words, the site "offers tips for organizing both your digital life and your analog one."

One thing led to another, and when I got home I worked up some visual concepts. Some evolutions and a team of ninjas from RoopleTheme deftly translated the sketches into real, working stuff with Drupal. Without their help the whole process would not have been near as fast or as painless.

Refinement continues, but that's just part of the neat thing about what Merlin does; he keeps adding, subtracting, experimenting, and most importantly, sharing.

It's good stuff, and I'm super happy to lend a hand.

No idea where to start? Inbox Zero is a trove of info if you wrestle with managing email. And I'm not just saying that because Merlin's wearing a Tii-shirt in the video.

Postnote: Thanks to M's colorful language, I'm fully prepared to be banned from Panera WiFi.

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October 08, 2007

36 hours in Chicago


In semi-order of appearance:

3 Musketeers, Coudal (too quick a pitstop), Fat Tire Beer, F-LIST Art Show - organized perfectly by Mike Segawa and Mike Vesper, Woofer (who took this photo of me standing in front of Thor's tongue), Bebe, Jason, Charles, Lloyd, Randy, Lula Cafe, Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Threadless, Hopleaf, Naz, and Andrew.

I'm pleasantly exhausted (we left sadly before bear night out at the bar), but man was this a good trip to Chicago. I believe I lost 5 pounds from the flopsweat alone. (Mental note: start rocking head and wrist bands to sop it up).

Special thanks to Mike for having me in the show, Meredith for the place to crash (and David for the coffee and neighborhood tips).

I met a lot of fine people, but in lieu of writing it all out, there are snapshots:

Photos36 hours in 47 photos

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October 05, 2007

on the road

first time stretching out the odometer on the Rabbit

Going to rock out with a few new albums along the way:

Animal Collective "Strawberry Jam" - upon strong recommendation from Garrison

The New Pornographers "Challengers" - cause I like harmony

Black Francis "Bluefinger" - initial impression is positive

Iron & Wine "Shepherd's Dog" - first two spins, it sounds like a "grower" Potentially good.

Tegan & Sara "The Con" - Because Ray and Sheila made it sound great in SF

St. Vincent "Marry Me" - Tom keeps playing it at the studio, I like.

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October 04, 2007

Nice sunset today

Caption not required

It was a good day that kicked off with an offer to jump into a match of Layer Tennis on Oct 19th with Naz. (thanks, Coudal)

The rest of the day, though fine on all fronts (with some exceptions), it wasn't quite this good of a day. (via)

I came home and paused good and long over a post from my friend Jim. Which reminded me we need to work with our exceptions and find the exceptional.

I won't linger on the sweet or bitter, but instead share this video of babies eating lemons, and thank Rachel for sharing it.

In the queue: Pack for Chicago, pay rent, find a house so I can stop paying rent , get a tooth fixed, direct some Flash development, donate pants that don't fit, find new pants that do fit, write about meeting Merlin Mann for the first time, buy a cast iron skillet to cook the meat in the freezer, and get a haircut.

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October 02, 2007

welcoming October

It's hard not to say Boo-yeah

Lot's of good stuff on the work front. Among them, we finally updated the Wire & Twine homepage with the Skeleton "Smart-Tee" pictured above. Tom drew up the bones and the kids around the studio won't stop wearing them and spelling out the word printed along the hem.

If you want one and you're in Cincinnati, stop by MiCA over in O'Bryonville (map). They've got most all of our shirts in stock and have a whole store full of neato stuff.

Upcoming news...

In a few weeks two important events overlap, Farm Day - a yearly shindig by my good friends that is always guaranteed fun, and Dan's recital - a gig he's been planning and practicing for almost non-stop.

On tap this week: I'm going to Chicago on Friday to bend elbows at the FLIST Blogger's Artshow.
I'm a bit over-excited as a.) I'm going to meet lots of folks from online I hold dear, and b.) I've never had anything up on a gallery wall except for that thing in 3rd grade where I got a that red ribbon.

If you're free on Friday night, stop on by. Runs 'til 2am at the Happy Dog Gallery (1542 N. Milwaukee, 2nd floor - map)

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September 30, 2007

The Rubi Girls

She sounds her barbaric YAWP over the roofs of the world

Saturday night we were lucky to have the company of Garrison up in the Gem City—and hit the rooftops to watch the Rubi Girls put on a show to benefit cystic fibrosis. These ladies made it a lively affair and the night weather treated us most wonderfully. Enjoyed some tunes and drinks while fiddling with our cameras. So much fun stuff to see, and all for a good reason.

Photos A few photos from the evening

Current music: Buppah Saichol "Roob Lor Thom Pai (There Are Many Handsome Men Out There)"

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September 28, 2007

It only looked gloomy

yesterday, it rained

I'm hoping the rain helps the trees hold on to their leaves (and change into pretty colors), instead of just dropping them to the ground in a fit of dried-out exasperation.

In self news, my desire to maintain a set schedule wasn't so successful this week.

I've decided to point fingers and blame the internet.

Despite the overall lack of coloring within the lines of time management, it's been a productive week. But I am dedicating tomorrow to physical endeavors around the studio.

That means organizing things into piles, and hopefully checking off a reprint to replenish stock for the store. We set out a goal to reprint one shirt a week, and while that sounds easy enough, it's much easier to push it to next week.

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September 26, 2007

CBS, 2007

Branding the CSI Network

If I am to believe the wikipedia, and I usually do, William Golden was inspired by Shaker design when he crafted the CBS eye symbol back in 1951.

It's nice to see how well this ol Eyemark has held up over the years.

Of mild interest is to see the call letters becoming more important. With web addresses and the tiny real estate of onscreen menus, this makes fine sense.

Also interesting is how the treatment reflects the design style (or software) of any given period. If that's any indicator, it appears we're getting back to the excess of the 80's. Gnarly.

Me? I'll be happy when this treatment is filed away and replaced by something with a less heinous "S."

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September 25, 2007

Random photos, June–Sept

None of this has anything to do with a turtle

I'm up oddly early so I figured I'd flip around the good morning "news" shows.

Apparently today is all about Halo 3 and not real wars.

I begrudgingly shrug and visualize positive futures because I just saw The Secret this weekend and if I really wanted world peace or an XBOX 360, all I have to do is think about it extra hard. And feel it.

I should mention I'm fine with waking up too early on perhaps the wrong side of the bed. A healthy dose of cynicism is the perfect companion to a sunny outlook.

So to brighten my spirits and tackle something easy from the to-do list, I muted the tube and pulled together orphaned photos that never got journaled.

These are the ones that got bumped off the priority list as days got hectic.

Photos Random pictures, June–Septemer 2007

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September 24, 2007

The National: Madison Theater - Covington, KY

Another solid show [ bigger, sharper picture ]

Haven't been out to many rock concerts this year. I'm not counting the American Idol tour.

Always try and catch The National when they roll through town. They've got music making down pat.

Stopped by my mom's on the way back up north.

Apple season has begun and she'd already been to our favorite orchard. A big bag full of delicious fruit and some cider was ready for pickup. (thanks ma)

This means autumn is here, but it wasn't the apples that tipped me off... It was when Frisch's Big Boy puts out the signs for Pumpkin Pie a couple weeks back. Like clockwork, and as reliable as Halloween candy taking over the seasonal aisle.

Current music: The National "Brainy"

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September 23, 2007

Dinner Club: Breakfast Edition, Pleasant Ridge

A few of the young faces that made an appearance

Dinner Club is now going into it's third year, and admittedly we've been slacking on these semi-monthly get togethers.

Everyone keeps making babies.

This is one excuse that is perfectly awesome.

And though it's harder to find a slice of time (or the babysitters required) to make an evening affair out at a restaurant we make do with potluck breakfast.

I figure in a few years we can at least pencil in Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Until then I'm just glad to get to see these friends when I can, and I will never turn down chocolate waffles.

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September 21, 2007

Another car I do not fit into

Nice rear though

Car shopping with my bud before lunch. He's hoping to get a replacement wagon and the updated Volvo XC70 looks to be a winner on every front.

They also had one of the new C30s on the lot for test drives. I was a little afraid I'd fall in love with this hatchback, especially after the grueling shopping process from earlier this year:

[ ye olde comparison chart ]

Turns out there was no need to fret. The C30 was over 20K and I experienced the Dino effect*squeezing my frame into the driver seat.

*The Dino effect: (dē'nō ĭ-fĕkt') n. When your head sticks out the sunroof.

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Thank you

Looking up

For the Light the Night Walk, folks get a balloon with a small light inserted. Instead of a string, a wire that powers the bulb is connected to a battery pack you carry. This was my first time around so this gadgetry made me especially giddy.

I also didn't know that survivors received a white balloon. The thought didn't cross my mind that this is the one I would carry.

Many reading my journal already know, but for those just tuning in—this marks my 10th year of living with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Some backstory is here and the latest news is: I'm doing well enough to avoid treatment another year. This is good.

In a sea of red balloons, the white provided stark contrast. Like what I'd assume Jeep or Harley owners encounter when passing one another on the road with a nod or wave, I caught the eye of the other white balloons. There would be a pause and this look...

I know.
We made it, this far.

And then there were the groups of red, walking in memory, reminding us that there's lots of work yet to do to.

All said and done, many chipped in and helped me raise $1215.00 dollars to support these endeavors. An unexpected chunk of change I am honored to have been a small part of encouraging.

For that, I take off my hat in heartfelt gratitude.

I must also thank the team from Whittman Hart that let me walk with them. We saw great views of Cincinnati crossing the bridge and ended the night with our dogs pleasantly barking.

I'll close this out and say, I'm serious about reaching out to those with, or those who have had loved ones that have felt the effects of Cancer. Many think we don't want to talk about it. When everyone thinks that, there's an uncomfortable silence. We shouldn't have that.

My oncologist said at our first meeting, it's not about the quantity of life, it's the quality.

I have not stopped believing this to be true.

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September 20, 2007

I’m walking

for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Yesterday was pretty jam packed. Along with the movie about the font, I got to see good friend Anne for the first time in what seems like ages. She's been busy.

I'll see her again tonight at the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society down at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati.

This isn't for awareness.

Everyone is aware of Cancer. It sucks tremendously .

This walk is to pay tribute to those we've lost and give hope to those fighting it.

Me? I'm hoping that we figure out a little more about why it happens, how we may prevent it, and if not a cure, at least a way to get a handle on how to treat it.

If you are planning to attend tonight, say howdy—I'm easy to spot. If not, consider a donation—here's my page if you'd like to donate online. If you can't make it or contribute, that's okay too... Maybe you know someone who's been hurt by Cancer, in the past or right this moment. Don't simply put them in your thoughts—get in touch: Send a card. Drop an email. Make the phone ring. Give a hug. Anything. Really. It helps.

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September 19, 2007


The Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit

Screening of the Helvetica flick down in Cincinnati tonight—made all the more special with an introduction by DAAP grad Michael Bierut (wiki, Design Observer, a snapshot from the night).

The movie? Most excellent. Just the right amount of history, real world examples, well chosen music, and a slew of design luminaries that describe their experiences with the ubiquitous font—pro and con.

Got me to thinking about my relationship with type. I've no real allegiance, though I've a fond spot in my heart for Univers. I fall in that category where I don't like to fret too much about fonts—there are always other things to worry about (like content for instance.) Then the web throws in that wrench of what's installed on machines.

A dozen fonts you'd always found installed on my computer? (in no order)

Univers, Thesis (serif and sans), Trade Gothic (Naz inspired this addition), Helvetica (the whole family), Lubalin Graph (or some such slab serif), Futura, Interstate, Avenir, Bookman (complete, love the swash, seldom use it), Silkscreen, and sometimes but not-so-much - VAG rounded.

Man, I'm boring. I need to branch out.

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September 17, 2007

Nice package

with fake plastic tree

I keep buying shampoos and liquid soap thinking that some magic will happen and my hair will shine and my skin will become awesome, yet manly. I'm also waiting for magic SPF that I can apply in the shower with body wash.

None of that happens, but that hasn't stopped me from creating stockpiles of this stuff. Somehow the shampoo or soap runs out and I have to fill the bottles with water to make it last until I get around to buying more—yet I have like 5 full things of conditioner always on hand.

Anyway, I saw this Every Man Jack stuff at Target and was taken aback by the design of the bottle. I'd go so far as to say it's the most masculine bottle of perfumed body wash I have ever seen.

It's too pricey, much like that Choxie brand of chocolates. The bottle is awkward, stingy, and hard to use. The signature fragrance needs more punch or tingle — maybe some caffeine. But man that faux wood plastic cap and clean type treatment is nice.

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September 16, 2007

If you’re into that sort of thing

A late night thing

Maybe you’ve seen the Oreo Pizza Moustache commercial on the TV? Or maybe you don’t watch the TV.

Semi-related, unpaid admission of TV watching: I must say I like the first few episodes of Mad Men on AMC and Tell Me You Love Me on HBO. After I've absorbed all the interior design elements, I sense I might not follow through watching the entire seasons because of that rule in writer’s handbooks to build in lots of tension and issues with characters.

This grows tiresome.

I'd totally be fine with an episode where no one got emotionally damaged and everyone had slices of Oreo Pizza.

Speaking of which, we ordered one late last night—let me rephrase—Dan ordered one late last night. Me? I'd have gotten the Cinnathings and scraped off most of the sugar. (another sem-related tangent: I learned this carb+sugar combo from my Dad with his Zesta crackers and Duncan Hines frosting binges.)

So how was this dessert pizza? If you like Oreos it might border on orgasmic. It was warm and crumbly and Oreo-fillng gooey. I took two bites and shrugged. I've always not liked those cookies. And Fig Newtons for that matter.

Current music: The New Pornographers "Myriad Harbour"

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September 15, 2007

On paper


Dan and I have been slowly collecting all the bits and signatures to make “us” official (as much as we can in the eyes of the state).

I'd imagine getting married involves as much a paper trail, but Target doesn't have a registry for domestic partners—so there are some differences. I suppose.

This morning we drove to the bank to get one of the last and more important documents notarized proper. In lieu of birdseed thrown our way, we treated ourselves to a really excellent lunch.

Nothing wrong with feeling lucky sometimes.

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They suckered me with nostalgia

A special at Hardees

And it was just a big dumb burger.

What I really wanted, was a fun meal. (see more at The Imaginary World's Fast Food Archive)

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September 14, 2007

Blocking out time

Wendy helps me formulate a workable schedule

The afternoon was spent in a state of the studio meeting, carving out short term goals with a few darts thrown in the virtual distance for good measure.

As the work whistle blew, I was given a schedule for the next week with a handle on how to approach the juggling of hours.

I'm excited to give this whole planning thing a whirl.

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September 10, 2007

Henry’s Birthday

Getting ready to blow out the candles

Birthday party for Dan's nephew on Sunday.

Nice enough weather, leaning to the hot side as the perspiration stains on my shirt would attest.

At some point I realized I forgot how old I was (and almost pulled out the driver’s license to verify). This happens from time to time and with more frequency as the calendar flips.

I'm going to be 36 this year.

Thirty-six and I still catch myself feeling a bit clueless about things in general.

All of a sudden it seemed reasonable to assume that all the older folks I looked to for answers growing up had no better understanding of life than I did.

Just making things up as we go along.

Extra snapshot: Another photo from the party

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September 09, 2007

Monoprint Workshop

Arting up the plate

Second class at the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative. (The first workshop was for lithography).

I was without a muse yesterday and instead of exploring the new medium, I tried to make something that attempted to be a cohesive work with a subject and composition.

Turned out awful. I'm not sharing it. But there are other photos from the day I'll piece together when queue opens up.

The good part was that I got to know some of the students and teachers better, and I'm also learning my way around Dayton little by little.

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September 08, 2007

slumber party

And our lamps don't line up

Brown had a rehearsal up in Springfield (she's a percussionist) and instead of driving the hours back to Cincinnati, she crashed at our pad.

It was late so we didn't get too rowdy.

The evening ended with a round of that Mario Party game on the Wii. A game that has potential to be awesome, but falls flat with all the animation and rig-a-ma-roll between turns. Pity.

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September 06, 2007

Harper in my backseat and iPhones are cheaper

A bargain from the antique store

My mom and I will get together with a few bullet points of things to accomplish, and invariably we always forget whatever they were and enjoy our time blissfully.

She scored this Charley Harper poster a while back and I finally picked it up over the holiday.

It's since been in my backseat until I moved it this afternoon to make room for boxes of t-shirts.

This poster, though a bit marine lifey for my tastes, has a color palette and Harper's lovely illustrational style that I could look at endlessly. It's one from his series for the National Park Service titled Atlantic Barrier Islands (small version available here).

[ Mental note: do not forget (again) to write mom a check for it ]

The bargain that this was makes me feel less miffed over the price cut that Apple unleashed today. Please don't rub it in. I'm trying to curb regrets in life and doing a pretty good job all by myself.

Current music: De Novo Dahl "Rub You Wrong"

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September 05, 2007



I didn't take many photos yesterday, but this one emerged from a set I'm using for interface elements.

The holiday weekend ended and I stepped back onto the fast train that is work. Good news is that I feel motivated and energized.

Bad news is that I still haven't sorted through vacation photos.

All in good time.

Current music: The Long Winters "Carparts"

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September 04, 2007

No pumpkins

My shadow is long

Dinner with my mom, Dan, Tom, Wendy and the crew closed out the holiday weekend.

It was so good, I wanted _just one more day_ of holiday weekend.

After dinner, we tromped around the pumpkin patch looking for anything semi-round and orange. No luck. Some type of animal, large or small, got there first.

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September 03, 2007

in my mom’s garden

fluttering around

Drove down to Cincinnati yesterday. Quick dinner with Ma then it was off to Miltons Tavern to watch the fireworks on TV.

Good times.

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September 01, 2007

The Barbinator 3000

Making “noise” in the studio [ + a better view ]

Where Wendy brings a sense of direction and order to the workspace, the other third of Wire and Twine– Tom – brings musical taste, whimsy, and the ability to make things out of nothing.

Just yesterday after finishing up his real tasks for the week, he broke out the soldering iron to craft a homemade amp. This new infatuation with electronics stems from his time spent with Reed Ghazala where he recently learned how to "bend" circuits.

If you're not familiar with circuit bending, wikipedia has a nice overview:

Circuit bending is the creative short-circuiting of low voltage, battery-powered electronic audio devices such as guitar effects, children's toys and small synthesizers to create new musical instruments and sound generators. Emphasizing spontaneity and randomness, the techniques of circuit bending have been commonly associated with noise music, though many more conventional contemporary musicians and musical groups have been known to experiment with "bent" instruments.

So if you're following my Flickr stream, The Magical Musical Thing might make more sense why it's laying around.

We're also blessed with the Barbinator 3000 (pictured above) whose extra eye pulses knowingly with the beat.

Current music: DJ Elephant Power "mc doux doute"

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August 31, 2007

a little fall cleaning

I am not this organized [ + zoom to read the labels ]

It's not present in this photo, but that blurry span in-between seasons is here.

A day that starts off dreadful and muggy ends up cool with loops of crickets lifted on the breeze through open windows.

The colors are changing too, like someone is fiddling with the hue and saturation of the light and landscape, ever so slightly.

It's also a time when other things are shifting—like schedules and whatnot. Maybe it's a quarterly thing, but the need to get a rough plan for the next few months seems prudent right about now.

So I walk into the studio yesterday, and Wendy is there. The gal who's college class schedule I lifted because I equate scheduling with numbers, numbers are math, math is hard, so I avoid it.

Anyway, because it's also that part of the year when school starts up, there's no babysitter during the day—so I barely get to see her.

We chit chat sitting at our desks and without any preconception, we start tidying. In no time we are eliminating piles and breaking out the broom. I prepare packages for things I'd meant to send out to friends months ago. Like items are boxed or put into appropriate drawers. Shelves are able to be dusted.

It wasn't a super-thorough spring cleaning, but we can now see the floor. And we didn't make any actual plans or figure out the schedule, but we're more ready.

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August 28, 2007

Swamp Holly Orange

a snapshot from California

I posted a better(ish) photo of a Yellow (transportation) truck back in 2005, and it was then I learned from my friend Jason that:

Yellow commissioned DuPont to determine what color was most visible from the greatest distance for the fleet. After careful research, DuPont presented a color, dubbed "Swamp Holly Orange." And so the company named Yellow had an official color—orange—the safest color on the road.

I noticed a change in their identity recently. It's kinda less orange and more web 2.0.

I felt compelled to share this now because if I try and whip out the camera on the freeway one more time to try and catch one of these trucks, I'm going to wreck.

Current music: not Coldplay

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