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January 21, 2004

Rodeo recap

Some 'o the good folk I got to hang with

Short and sweet, the rodeo was like one of those party games where you get a box full of stuff that you have to memorize and then they take it away and you have to write down everything you remember.

I didn't get to look near long enough.

This pic here sums up a good portion of the fun. Saturday as the sun was making the colors all purdy, I snagged this shot representing just a handful of the most excellent people there.

After I exclaimed that it was likely the best photo that didn't need alternates, I failed to review my work on the spot and zoom in to see a couple of yahoos making silly faces and fingers in the background.


- The weather.
- Checking out Taliesin West with my brother.
- Meeting Erik and Brent for the first time after knowing them online for a piece
- Then meeting their friend Charlie and other members of their family.
- Finding my friend Harley in a super-packed bar.
- Riding around in a classic F250 with Chuck.
- Watching "The League of Gentleman" and unwinding after the bar.
- Swearing off the restaurant across the street from the hotel.
- Side splitting comic stylings of Rico.
- Finally not eating at the restaurant across the street and having a decent steak somewhere else.
- Kickin back and shootin' the shit at the hotel til it was almost time to hop back on a plane.

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