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February 22, 2008

Charting a song

In lieu of stories of snow

Jeb started it : View the tons of other submissions by folks:Charts and graphs of rap song lyrics

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February 20, 2008

Again, with the shirts

The last of the 2007 WOXY limited edition shirts

Real quick: We printed a few extra WOXY tees to cover any issues last holiday season.

Everything is now squared away and we're clearing out remaining stock.

Quantities and sizes super limited.


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February 19, 2008

dis-pwned pony

Done with Pegasus, seen in a downtrodden Dayton alley

This entry isn't about a discarded vinyl toy.

It isn't about a fresh (and redrawn) reprint of my Tim Gunn "Make It Work" shirt. (Which by the way, you can try and snag for free on Joe My God's Swag Tuesday, simply leave a comment with your email address.)

No, what currently is on my mind is that I want to go see that bodies exhibit, but word on the street is that there is a four hour wait to get in the Cincinnati Museum Center . This is exactly the reason why I did not make it through the Martha Stewart Apprentice try outs.

Long lines are a great travesty on the world. They impede productivity and spoil moods.

Wouldn't a system like a movie theater work? Let X number of people in at a certain time, sell tickets according to schedule and capacity. I suppose this doesn't maximize profits, but I'm just trying to think about the children—and my short fuse for long lines.

(insert grumble)

Maybe I should have written about the little pony.

Current music: Malcolm McLaren "Ride A Fashion Horse Part 1"

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February 18, 2008

Local pizza

Marion's South

I finally stepped foot in a Marion's Pizza last night. It's a local pie chain in Dayton. They battle it out with a joint called Cassanos for the title of Best.

Down in Cincinnati, this crown would likely be won by LaRosas for sheer scale. Even in my home town growing up, we had two places to go out for dinner: LaRosas or Big Boy. This number of restaurants was matched by the number of stoplights.

Either here or there, I'm partial to Dewey's myself, but I think I'm swayed by their salads.

So Marions... the pizza was better than good, atmosphere dandy, and company excellent.

Bonus: bumping into this cat and his family. They were there to celebrate his son's birthday I do believe. I could not take my eyes off the gift on the table: a case of Star Wars figures in excellent condition, passed down through generation. This is the type of "mint in box" I place the utmost value.

Current music: Mark Mothersbaugh "Granny’s Last Solo Trip To The Grocery"

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February 15, 2008


under the snow

Short or oblique, I seldom question the value of trying to capture a journal entry with a photo each day. Even when I don't succeed in posting, there's usually a folder of images floating around.

For the most part, there is some rudimentary organization: a date, a named folder. But I long for some system where it forces me to tag images as they're being transferred from camera to computer.

A notion: images appear as a slideshow and one could say descriptive words (out loud). These words would be translated on screen to be checked off for additional images that match the criteria in the batch. Gravy? Everything could be done with keyboard commands and little typing.

All this gestural, talking computing is near enough I figure.

Already it's pretty awesome to do quick searches across almost 6 years of photos and see what comes up, like:

Photos Photos of trains on my hard drive

Current music: Steve Reich "Different Trains"

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February 13, 2008

Cut Loose

Not foot loose [ + zoom this photo ]

Back in the studio and largely on track today. This, I should mention, after I got a phone call in the morning and realized I spaced out on a meeting. I've only done this a few times in my life, but it falls outside of embarrassing and into something that smarts a little more.

Perhaps this is another reason why I would fail miserably in a corporate environment, making this special Threadless tee called "Cut Loose" somewhat appropriate.

I believe this design was only available at the Threadless Chicago retail store when it opened. Normally I don't like to post product taunts but this is the first day I've worn this shirt and I quite dig it.

Current music: Dave Eggers "The Commercials of Norway"

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February 12, 2008

Enough of this wintry mix

Yesterday, at the ol' feed store — Oxford, OH

I suppose technically you could call what is on the ground snow, with a layer of crud ice on top. I was so prepared for an epic The-Shining-type blizzard. It was bad enough to stay off the roads.

In work-from-home news, for a moment I thought it would be nice to have a firewall or feature that had a "limit net access" productivity toggle switch. Then I realized that is what it's like to work in certain cube farms and this would be bad for my personal style. Then again, maybe the feature could be a governor that allowed 10 minute surf windows at the top of each hour.

Good thing I'm a night owl to catch up on stuff.

Current music: The Black Keys "Strange Times"

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February 11, 2008


Best viewed super-duper big: 3000 pixels wide

Saturday the sun was shining, clouds filled the blue sky, and though I had work to do, I carved out a slice of the afternoon to just be out and about.

After a much needed haircut down in Kentucky, I looped through Cincinnati before heading home. The light was still prime so I parked the car and rode the elevator up 45th floor of Carew Tower. A few flights of steps and two bucks later, I was on the windy observation deck looking down at the miniature skaters on the square, up north toward Over the Rhine, and all around.

I honestly was tryin to get a good shot of The Ascent in Northern Kentucky, but it wasn't happening from that vantage.

Post note: I switched servers over the weekend, if you find images are missing, hit refresh on your browser. If that doesn't work, drop me a line.

Current music: The National "Fake Empire"

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February 09, 2008

Brunch Club February 08

Fruit, tofu dog, donut, ketchup

This isn't actually what was on the menu for brunch club, our early-in-the-day potluck version of dinner club, but it was served to a couple of kids right after everybody left.

Because when you get a bunch of young ones together, the least interesting thing to do is eat. There is only time for running, playing, jumping, and expending every morsel of energy. Hence the post-meal pictured above.

This marked the first time I've met my friend Anne and John's little boy. He's a handsome handful. And another couple are expecting their third.

S'all good.

We're getting a handle on keeping dinner club alive with the ever growing guest-list.

PhotosLots of photos of little ones (we adults know what we look like)

Current music: Once (sountrack) - "Fallen from the Sky"

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Every kid will pine for stuffed Abe Lincoln in the crane game

Now if they only had a Reagan

Comes with notable quotes on the tag!

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

I hope that comes to fruition some day.

Current music: José González "Slow Moves"

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February 07, 2008

the trees outside the movie theater

West Chester, OH [ +zoom ]

Since my car was still in Dayton after the Atlanta trip, my mom offered to drive me back to a midpoint where Dan would pick me up. The Rave Theater is that point on the map. I like this place because they have pretty lights and big screens.

I thought the similarities between these two posters was mildly amusing for no good reason.

In other news: It's about time to retire these tulips. I want to see The Breeders on tour but they're not playing anywhere close. It's almost 5am and I should be in bed.

Current music: none

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February 06, 2008

463 miles

This diptych bothers me not because they're mobile phone snapshots, but because the perspectives aren't exactly the same.

Woke early and loaded the 10 foot long "mini mover."
Attached tow for the car.
Hit the road.
Glimpsed the blue ridge. (left)
Ate bad food. (right)
White knuckles through the construction with concrete barriers.
I swore I felt my temples gray.
Landed in Cincinnati.
Mom had soup ready, fresh fruit, and iced cookies in the shape of a heart.
Yum. Home. Exhausted.

Current music: Pundits and percentages

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February 04, 2008


An XM Radio poster behind the ticketing counter [ +zoom ]

Got up way too early and jumped on an AirTran plane. Never flown with this airline before, but it is cheap and flies out of Dayton. They serve Coca-Cola products and my flight(s) offered those individually wrapped shortbread cookies that are packaged in factories that may contain peanuts.

Met my brother upon arrival in Atlanta.

We are packing up his apartment and regarding everything as Niecy Nash would on the set of Clean House.

If you don't know this show, it is where they find extreme pack rats and force them to have a yard sale or donate accumulated crap in order to tidy up the place. Neicy dispenses advice and acts like she personally foots the bill on gifts like sectional sofas or sideboards that provide a base for select crap that did not get sold or thrown away.

I like the show because they don't go too far out with themes. Like say, if there was a boy that collected Hot Wheels, they don't put asphalt on the floor and paint his bedroom like a NASCAR track, forcing him to sleep on a pile of tires.

All that's a tangent I suppose.

Tomorrow we load a U-Haul and head back to Ohio.
Bad news: no time to explore Atlanta.
Good news: my oldest brother won't be so far away.

Current music: Yael Naïm "New Soul"

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February 03, 2008

(packed) weekend

Speakeasy Prohibition Ale peeps out form the ice (quite tasty SF ale)

There was another viewing of Once before returning it (even better the second time around), pancakes on Groundhog Day (Hungry Jack), a Mardi Gras party (with the brew pictured above), and a Superbowl (red white and blue vs red white and blue). I thought the latter was relatively ho-hum until those last minutes.

Tomorrow I hop on three planes to get to one place (gah).

Current music: Party Ben "Every Car You Chase (The Snow Police)"

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January 31, 2008

New doctor

I cannot count how many times I've taken this exact same photo, but usually the wall is painted a cool pastel.

Met my new primary care physician today. I've been without one for years it seems.

I stopped going to the last one, even though he was super holistic.

He was also an ass with political rags in the waiting room that I felt were simply not appropriate. And when I say "simply not appropriate," I say it like Travis and Jonathan in their Grizzy Bear Man / Herzog short at about 05:08 (but you really should watch all 8 minutes if you haven't and you've seen the movie they parody)

I should mention, I didn't stop going because of his political affiliation. He can use his waiting room fodder as his personal blog slash soap box all he wants. It was more the ass part of his personality that got to me.

The new doctor is much nicer and made my blood pressure lower in minutes. I have before and after figures to prove it.

Current music: Gruff Rhys "Gyrru Gyrru Gyrru"

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by candlelight

Candles (L), their shadows on the ceiling (R)

I wouldn't say the winds were howling, but they were making instruments of the trees and buildings last night.

Right before bed, all the electrical things dimmed, repeatedly—then went out, decidedly.

We lit all the candles set around the place, and located a bag of tealights to extend the warm glow.

And all of a sudden it was not now, but another time.

For some reason I think of a mall on Sunday. Back when they were closed and we were forced to spend time with each other.

But that's a bad example.

Maybe it was more like pioneering days.

My imagination is limited at this hour. I keep seeing Laura and Mary Ingalls braiding each other's hair.

Anyway, the lights came back on too soon.

Current music: Cat Power "Don’t Explain"

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January 30, 2008

I like these hubcaps

Hamilton, OH police

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There Will Be Blood, Once

A scene from Once

Dag, how can I put all this down brief-like so I can feel like I captured the gist without taking away too much time from actually living (and sleeping)?

If you consider watching movies "living"—which I do, because movies are the only real thing I do outside of work and love that keeps me tethered to the world as I know it. Aside from music, eating food, and laundry.

I'd throw sleeping in there but I'm not sure that keeps me tethered to the world.

Recent viewings in front of screens:

There Will Be Blood - Saw it projected on Saturday by myself because my other half prefers brighter cinematic entertainment (and I can't blame him). This flick was one helluva character study. It's dark and rattles the stomach. I didn't enjoy it, but I was moved and it made me think. I'd probably go back for seconds after some time has passed. Kind of like White Castles.

Once - Home rental helped me score the shot from the TV (above). I wanted to record something to memory to remind myself of the movie. It surprised me like Murderball, and something else I can't remember but truly enjoyed. Mind you it had a little shaky camera like Cloverfield, but there was respite.

Speaking of that Cloverfield, you might have seen or read about the characters videotaping or using their cell-phone cameras in times of duress, and this is a reflection of society today. I say it would have been extra ironic and fun if someone had said, hold on, let me stabilize the camera and frame this shot nicely. I'll stop complaining about the lack of tripod now, forever.

Back to Once, I'd bought the soundtrack a while ago knowing that Glen Hansard of The Frames was involved. I still have a glow from his 2004 tour.

The soundtrack totally makes sense now and I am smitten with everything about this flick. I've heard reviews call it a new musical or refinement of music video, and maybe it is. I don't care, it's extremely genuine and made me feel all warm and stuff.

Also on the small screen, I've been watching Project Runway, but I can't add any more flavor than Dave White's weekly updates on The Advocate. Here's last weeks. His words make me laugh, and I got to ffffind this picture and remind myself that sometimes the show can be a hoot.

Current music: Coconut Records "West Coast"

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January 28, 2008

3 from the phone

A book cover I like, plate of food from Golden Corral, clouds

Cleared off the images piling up on the phone.

These three were the best of the bunch.

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January 25, 2008

Done cut up

I'm putting the scissors and x-acto down now

Check out the Layer Tennis finale, two simultaneous matches:


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Wearing my lucky shirt

It's already been broughten. FTW

Like McCain on the night of New Hampshire primaries, I too have a lucky shirt. This is the one I wore while running around the farm-slash-studio on my last Layer Tennis match—and it's the shirt I'm going to be wearing this afternoon for the playoffs. Two simultaneous matches are going down at 3pm EST (extra points if we cross pollenate layers.) Previews of each match are online:

Gruber will be providing commentary between me and Inman.

Rosecrans will be spouting off between Koxvold and Hutchinson.

So back to the shirt... It's mesmerizing isn't it? McCain would be jealous. You can get 'em over at Wuvable Oaf and they're available in 'bait or 'oaf sizes.

It's not pimping when you love it.

I'm off to warm up.

Current music: Ghostface Killah "We Celebrate"

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January 24, 2008

I wanted a perfect ending.

I keep coming back to this quote, and I wanted to remember it more, so I'm posting it here.

A hat tip to Richard for sharing the words.

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January 23, 2008


fed the meter

I went to the camera shop too soon. The prints weren't ready this morning. That meant I would have to wait all day until after work to pick them up.

When I finally did get them, I went right to the car and tore into the envelopes.

I had been fearing ever since drop-off that things would go sour. There would be some light leak. My exposures would be off. This Canon AE-1 hadn't been used since the 90's, when I took that photography course in college and did angsty things like take photos of my head in a box (warning, no beard).

To my surprise, every single shot came out exposed properly. Not everything was in focus, but I'm blaming my glasses and shallow depth of field. I'm not sure where film fits into things, but it was great to get invigorated and try and find ways to finish out a roll.

What I ended up with is a good representation of my day-to-day life in the winter months: Dan, Tom and Wendy, some food, my car, work stuff, and a little bit of this and that.

PhotosThe Canon AE-1 set

Current music: Brian Eno "Boards of Canada and Marumari"

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waiting for developing

an odd crop to remove the subject matter

A few more minutes and my film should be processed at the photo lab.


Ayup. I got my dad's old Canon AE-1 fired up this weekend and man was it buttery. Small footprint. Sweet focus and metering. And the sound of the shutter was tight and quick.

A couple habits kept me from being completely natural with it:

- I kept forgetting to advance the film.
- After a few snapshots I'd look at the back of the camera hoping to see a preview.
- This waiting for developing is nerve-wracking.

Current music: Liam Finn "Better to Be"

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January 22, 2008

justifying Nutella

for breakfast

Ingredients easily pronounced.

Adds European flair to start of day.

Tastes good on a bagel.

Adding sliced strawberries makes it seem healthy.

Current music: Grandaddy "He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot"

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January 20, 2008

Camouflage cat

Again, if I could write LOLcat captions, this would come in handy

Unrelated to kitty: that movie yesterday, Cloverfield?

The only thing it needed was a strong anchor character with acting chops, like those of say, Andie MacDowell.

And a tripod.

Current music: The Worst Pies In London

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January 19, 2008

head cleaning

If only everything had a button to diagnose and fix problems, like a printer

I was forwarded an email that spoke quite ill of Barack Obama. One word in particular came to mind when reading it: persecution.

Now it's early in the whole presidential race and I'll wait until things settle before sounding off proper, but I wanted to note this particular bunk. If I had received something about Romney or Huckabee, I would also take it with a grain of salt and seek answers to the best of my ability.

In this scathing email it is written: "We checked this (he's a flag-hating muslim who refuses to say the pledge of allegiance) out on It is factual. Check for yourself."

Not that Snopes is some great trusted source, but I heard mention of this at the last debate. So I went ahead to check and here's what they had to say:

The e-mail in circulation claims "We were told this was checked out on ''. It is factual. Check for yourself." and includes a link to this web site. It's our guess that whoever included that bit was counting on folks to not check, as our article says the opposite.

Here's the link. Mind you, their site has pop-ups and questionable practices in content presentation, but they seem to answer the questions with adequate citation for my comfort.

Just thought I'd share. I figure we'll all be getting our inboxes flooded with this stuff.

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Staging a house

I know that if you bring along a camera to a showing for a house, you're supposed to make photos that capture the rooms or the entire space, not the decor.

Current music: John Zorn "Three"

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January 18, 2008

more knobs

I have no idea what this device does. A mystery and reminder that there's still lots to learn.

Ever since that classic computer, I've been thinking knobs and buttons and dials and cords. I collected a few and took some new ones and started putting them in this set:

Photosknobs & buttons & dials & cords

In other news, it's Friday, and I've lots of pixels to push before the work whistle blows. Next week, there will be lots of ink to be pushed through screens on to shirts and tags.

This weekend: I think I'll be seeing whatever movie the Cincinnati Movie Bears see tomorrow. Here's a link to the Yahoo Group, oh, and the movie is Cloverfield.

Current music: Les Savy Fav "Pots & Pans"

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January 17, 2008

Come again?

An egg on toothpicks stretches

There's talk of bringing pairs of contenders together for the last two Layer Tennis matches. My heart pounds a little harder at the notion.

Something I never shared from the first match is an interview I did with commentator Rosecrans Baldwin.

He asked a slew of questions to get to know each player.
I put all my answers online, where I talk about my inspiration, beard, personal flaws, and equipment.

Current music: Kelley Deal & Sebastian Bach "T.N.T."

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January 16, 2008

A pair of faeries

perhaps wander in plainclothes

Current music: Apes & Androids "Imaginary Friends"

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mental note: measuring pixels

The single pixels that created Mario really have nothing to do with this quick thought as I cram on work

Original mental note:
Design everything in multiples of 5.
Never make another image that is 176x32 or any other weird set of numbers.
Stop being sloppy.
Keep math easy.


Revised version:
Just do.
Even if it means being odd now and then.


I figure the latter is akin to Elisa on Project Runway using spit to measure fabric. It didn't really work out for her on the show, but I always gave her tree-hugging sensibilities props.

[ Image from Sprite Stich: A video game inspired cross stitch weblog ]

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January 14, 2008

Core Memory

Digital Equipment Corporation PDP8/F

Can't stop looking at images from Mark Richards’ Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers.

I'm trying to be more budget-conscious this year, but I feel compelled to purchase this book—much like I would feel compelled to flip every single one of those switches. Take that touchscreens.

And that color palette rocks. It was a good era. See the 150-in-one electronic kit.

An inspiring way to start the Monday, with a hat tip to Coudal for pointing it out. (Related props: Have you seen the archived coin flips for Layer Tennis?)

Current music: Mapstation "Watching Paik's Video Buddha"

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House Hunt I.

Gem City furnace, a huge octopus in the basement of house number

Eight houses.

We looked at eight houses today.

Seven of them were awful. In ways that cannot be repaired easily or cheaply. Some taste cannot be covered with a coat of paint.

I'm still not understanding construction from the past three decades. What is wrong with trees? Or a little space between houses? All the new stuff seems so hollow. It's bizarre, and over-priced. Give me wooden doors.

One house however, was dreamy—but out of the comfort zone price-wise (thanks to my craptacular inability to contribute meaningfully to the mortgage in the eyes of the bank.)

No matter, it was a learning experience just looking. I now realize that location may not be everything, but it's a heckuva lot. A 10x11 master bedroom is too small. New concrete around the edge of a basement means they've done something to prevent leaks. Traffic matters. Taxes are complex. There are really ugly countertops still being manufactured. Beige gets old.

Current music: Morrissey "Life Is A Pigsty"

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January 13, 2008

Ever heard of a store called Spencers?

A sculpture in The Cricket Lounge

We had our holiday dinner for the studio last night. Well worth the wait, every last bite was delicious.

Decided to have a night cap afterward at The Cincinnatian Hotel— a well appointed place downtown that looks like a boring office building at street level.

They had some neon sculpture in the bar area. I was enamored (and sober) and taking pictures. My cohort at work asked if I had ever heard of a store called Spencers. Since he was slurring from the rare stiff drink or he fact he avoids sleep by having a teething child, I let his joke slide. I still liked the neon sculpture thing.

Oh, I should mention, I was wearing a tie. Here is proof in the alternate pictures that almost made it for this entry.

I thought the neon was neater.

Current music: Amiina "Glámur"

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